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Box Party Blog!

Updated: Jul 12, 2020

Another blog enters the world. Thank goodness, you mutter derisively under your breath. So the goal with this one is to highlight every month (or so, we'll see) some of the equipment, resources, and best practices we use on our own creative and commercial productions at Box Party Films. We won't get lost in weeds too much with tech specs and all that (google it, or don't). Instead, we're trying to walk prospective clients and fellow filmmakers through some of the things that seem to serve us well and could be worth looking into themselves. Because it takes a village to raise a video, or whatever.

Initially things are likely looking a little bare. But give it time, this garden of internet words will grow a little more each month.

Images drive engagement. We all know this. Here's the default stock image Wix thought would be appropriate.

And while we have you here: Black Lives Matter, Arrest Breonna Taylor's Killers, Wear a Mask, etc. Bye now.

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