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Box Party Films is a full service narrative and commercial media company based out of Los Angeles. We offer clients engaging, cost-effective web and broadcast content while producing original narrative films from our collective of emerging filmmakers.

  • Does Box Party produce narrative films or client work?
    Both! We are a director-driven collective of emerging filmmakers self-producing totally original (and pretty badass) narrative short films. We're also a full service media company working with clients on web commercials, music videos, corporate work, social media, live events and just about anything else you could think of that needs a camera and a storyteller. We're constantly expanding our in-house resources, offering the same professional tools to our clients that we use on our own productions.
  • What facets of the campaign do you work on?
    We can handle everything! Our team of writers and directors work with you developing a campaign you love. Once you've signed off on the concept and budget, we get to work finding the perfect cast, crew, equipment and locations. And after production is completed, we don't just wave good-bye and wish you good luck. Our editors and colorists shepherd your campaign through post-production and final delivery, with your input and collaboration at every step.
  • What budgets do you work with?
    We're flexible. We scale up or down to meet your project's budgetary needs. Whether it's one person and a handful of gear, or a twenty-person crew with equipment and production trucks, we've got you covered. As far as pricing goes, we work with our clients on an individual basis based on specific production needs. From there we make a plan for how every dollar is spent and offer a fair, flat quote for our services.
  • How do you save your clients money?
    (1) Our biggest money-saver for our small and mid-scale productions comes from our network of production crew owning most if not all of the equipment we need to make cinematic, professional content. By minimizing if not totally eliminating equipment vendors from our client's budget, we seamlessly handle what can typically be one of the biggest financial headaches small productions face. Similarly, when we take projects through post-production, we're using our own post suites, iMacs, drives, software, etc. So our clients are primarily paying for our editor's time, without adding the cost of renting an editing facility. Which leads us to number two: (2) Because we have the team and resources to write, produce, edit, and deliver the content our clients need in-house, we eliminate a typical staple of commercial video production: multiple companies handling different phases of the campaign. With fewer hands in the cookie jar, we offer competitive rates for our professional services, while consistently expanding our narrative and commercial production capabilities.
  • Can you also work à la carte, so to speak?"
    Of course! While we have the capability to handle most of our projects entirely in-house, our mothers taught us to play nicely with others. So we're ready to come in at whichever phase our clients require.
  • Does Box Party offer still photography services as well?
    Yes! Key stills, portraits, fashion, lifestyle, landscape, behind the scenes...we do it all. And similar to our video services, we can also edit and deliver our finished work to you digitally. While we have fantastic mirrorless and full-frame digital camera packages, we're also pretty pumped to offer our clients the additional option of 35mm or 120mm b&w and color film. We develop the negatives in house, and send them out to third party vendors for scanning and printing.
  • I have a project I want to discuss, how should I get in touch? "
    Check out the CONTACT box at the top of this page. Leave us a message and we'll get in touch with you asap to discuss your project, answer any questions, or arrange a meeting to discuss further! But if that sounds like a little too much typing, CALL OUR OFFICE (747) 225-2616 9:30am - 6pm PST any day of the week. Just give us a break during the holidays, we've got families to drink with.
  • Box Party Films...What uh, what does that mean?"
    Yeah, we get this one a lot. Box Party was...well it was an event the Tallahassee Police Department strongly suggested we never do again. So sparing the gory details, we got our name from a shared experience of joy, adrenaline, and abject horror that felt a little like, if we're being honest, moving across the country and starting a production company together.
  • So, where's this train headed?"
    Right now, we're focused on growing our small and midsized commercial, event, and branded productions by constantly expanding the scope of our capabilities and in-house resources. In the next year, expect us to keep producing kick-ass narrative shorts, commercial content, and proof-of-concept pieces for bigger and better things. All of which you'll be able to see right here at In the not-so-distant future, we'll be producing independent features, pilots, and music videos all over the country from our diverse collective of emerging filmmakers, while offering expanded commercial production services tailored to our clients' needs and sensibilities.
  • Who's the prettiest?
    Probably Jake.


Thanks for getting in touch! We like people. You're people! This could be the start of something great.

Our Friends

Sometimes, it takes a village to raise a project. Here are a few of the awesome companies we love teaming up with for our narrative and commercial projects. Check out what they've got cookin', it usually smells pretty good.  

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