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5 Stars

Created by
King Hassan




 5 Stars is a workplace mockumentary created by King Hassan (That '90s Show, Last Man Standing) following the bumbling quality control team behind America's newest, cheapest, by far lowest-rated rideshare service. 


Look, not every company has the luxury of parading around their Silicon Valley compounds, imposing burdensome worker regulations like "having a license" and "not having an active arrest warrant". But with a can-do spirit, and the Big Brother-esque surveillance system we had to install after some of that bad stuff you heard about us on the news allegedly happened, we want to assure our valued riders that we're fully committed to their satisfaction and safety.*

So book a ride today! And be sure to give us five stars in the App Store, Google Play, or whatever Android users have that they swear is just as good. 

*The above statement has been reviewed and categorically denied by the Better Business Bureau

Behind the Scenes of 5 Stars - Season 1

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