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Box Party Films is a Los Angeles-based production company and filmmakers collective developing original feature-length productions and creating short-form narrative and commercial content. We are a full-service, one-stop shop, taking campaigns from development through finishing with an in-house crew, equipment, and post-production resources.

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July 12, 2020

A new blog enters the world! Thank goodness, you mutter derisively under your breath. We've added a new section to our site. Every month, we'll add a new post highlighting some of the tools, resources, and best practices we use. Check it out to get a glimpse of some of the ways we're working to keep making our creative and commercial projects better.

Hole is on NoBudge!

May 20, 2019

Aleksandra Hansen's psychological horror short Hole is screening on!


Bad Boys of LA Premieres at the Sycamore Tavern

March 22, 2019

Comedian/Showrunner King Hassan premiered the first half of his hysterical ensemble TV Pilot Bad Boys of LA at the Sycamore Tavern on Sunset. We started with a night of stand-up from the main cast including Hassan, Malik B, Justin Elliot, and Herman Wrice. After the screening, we had a great audience Q&A with the cast covering everything from how the cast met to where the show's heading in Season 1. 


Bad Boys of LA, which Hassan jokingly refers to as Black Entourage, centers around a house of four D-list celebrities unwittingly thrown back into the public limelight for all the wrong reasons. The season follows their long and usually ridiculous road to public redemption. 


This is Box Party Films first original TV episodic. Produced by Hunter Truman, edited by Chris Leary, with aerial cinematography by Victor Ingles.  

Norwegian Nights

February 25, 2019

We're on our way back from an incredible three-week location scout off the southern coast of Norway! Our creative director (and resident Norwegian) Aleksandra Hansen is in the early stage of development for her feature directorial debut. It's a psychological drama with horror and absurdist humor elements to be shot in her hometown of Tvedestrand, Kilsund, and surrounding coastal villages. Hunter Truman is attached as director of photography.


We are so excited to begin the early steps of our first international production! In the meantime, you can check out Hansen's recent short film, Hole. The fourth original production by Box Party Films. 

A Future of Success Premieres on No Budge!

January 07, 2019

A Future of Success premieres with! Justin Zuckerman's original short is the third original film produced by Box Party Films and the second co-produced with our very best of friends, 5th Floor Pictures

West Palm is on Island Time

September 25, 2018

West Palm will be screening at the 2018 Key West Film Festival in November. Directed by Hunter Truman, starring John Michael McDonald and Antonina Vargas. Produced by Box Party Films and 5th Floor Pictures. 

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